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Kew Gardens

It's another Bank Holiday weekend! Sadly no Royal Wedding accompanying it so it was only 3 days off rather than 4 (I think we've been spoiled by that this year XD), but it's still nice to have a Monday off work.

So I went home (aka back to my parent's place) for a few days. Which meant that they brought me back to Kew yesterday (Sunday) and since they were here we decided to make a little trip to Kew Gardens.

And as it turns out, there's several people on Etsy who have been to the Gardens and received a bit of inspiration from them!

Kew Garden Gates by lindabutterfly

Palm House Kew by FlaxInk

Palm House at Sunset by 4artssake

Clearly they're not the only ones, we saw several photographers and at least one artist (complete with paint and multiple sketchbooks) as we were wandering around, although potential visitors need to be aware that Kew does not allow "commercial photography" without prior consent.

It's a lovely place to visit, there's more information on their website. If you're in London (namely south-west London, it's a bit of a trek from the center) then check it out!

Tasty Treats

I wasn't planning on making another blog post so soon.

Today I was planning on baking some fairy cakes to take to work in my packed lunch this week.

But then I realised I don't have any margerine. And the only shop that's open today doesn't sell margerine :(

So instead have some pictures of tasty things on Etsy! And help me mourn my lack of cake.

Artist palette biscuits by REC1008!

Chocolate raspberry cupcakes (vegan) by bethyscakes!

Organic orange chocolate chip shortbread by inkandpaperarts!

Chocolate espresso cake truffles by lollidreams!

And now I'm feeling a craving for tea! Happy Monday everyone!


Welcome to the Bibliophile!

The blog about books and paper and papery things and anything else that I can think of that may, or may not, involve books and paper (and papery things).

Today is the first day of May! It seems like an auspicious day to start a blog. The sun is shining, people are out having a nice day, the trees are green and many are covered in blossom.

Therefore today I bring to you some beautiful things with blossom in mind!

This journal was created by Labyrinth Leathercraft on Etsy. I love the way the colours of the flowers show up against the dark colour of the leather. Just imagine what you could write in a journal like this!

The simple colours and design of this businesscard by ArtsyNikki are very fresh and have a lovely spring feeling to them. She also does some lovely wedding pieces as well!

This photograph comes from the gallery of lauri. This subtle pink against the grey background make this photo simple but beautiful. There's lots of similar photos available in her shop!

And last but most definitely not least, this pendant is by resinpop and would look lovely on a little piece of leather cord or a sterling silver chain. Putting this little trinket on would definitely give you a smile for the day!

Welcome to The Bibliophile. Have a lovely day!

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