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Happy Birthday YLS!

Mini post today, it's a very special day because it's my Youngest Little Sister's birthday!

As an explanation for the way I describe her, I'm the eldest of four children. After me comes my brother, and then two sisters. Since both of them are my little sisters I end up referring to them as Eldest Little Sister (ELS) and Youngest Little Sister (YLS).

YLS is turning one year older today! Doesn't matter how old she gets though, she'll always be the baby of the family.

Trying on hats in Hyde Park

She'll also always be the adorable one (ELS, if you're reading this, you'll always be the fashionable one!) it's just a shame that only 50% of the photos of her come out fine, the other 50% she's blinking or pulling a silly face XD

Happy birthday baby sister! x


Yey! Happy Birthday to her!! :)

22 January 2012 at 16:57  

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