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Mothers Day!

A quick post because it's late. Here in the UK it's Mothering Sunday today, so I went back to my parents for the weekend.

We won't mention my brother crashing his car on Thursday (he's fine, the car has been written off). Friday was spent having a nice wander around Cambridge, Saturday involved watching DVDs with Youngest Little Sister, and then today Mum got gifts and cards from her four children, myself included.

I also agreed to make dauphinoise potatoes for lunch. However I'm used to cooking for myself, using a gas oven. Today I cooked for three adults (me and my parents, my siblings do not like cream let alone cream with potatoes) and was using an AGA. There was a moment where I thought it was all going to go wrong, but eventually the potatoes cooked fine and tasted very nice indeed!

So Happy Mothers Day to my Mum! Pictures of my brother's written off car may come in the week if he agrees to let me publish them XD


Spring is coming to the UK at last! Despite recent chilly snaps and extra snow up in Scotland and northern England it's slowly starting to warm up properly. There's blossoms starting on various trees around the place, daffodils are popping up in the grass in front of my flat, and when I go to Kew Gardens there's carpets of crocuses dotted around the place.

So since I've already done a post about daffodils I figured this time it should be crocuses. They look very delicate, but when there's lots of them together they create a really lovely sea of purple.

First Flowers by AniseSprout

Of course crocuses don't just come in purple, as this photo by Christine of AniseSprout shows. Her shop has got some really lovely photos of flowers and I highly recommend having a browse if you're looking for some new photography art for your walls!

Felted Crocus Heart Brooch by SandhraLee

I love the attention to detail in this brooch, right down from the beading to the thread used on the leaves SandhraLee has some seriously gorgeous felted pieces in her shop, well worth a look!

Miniature Purple Crocus by Marianne26

Speaking of attention to detail, I think it's safe to say that Marianne Cook has the steadiest hands in the whole of Wales! Her shop Marianne26 is all about miniatures for doll houses, including beautiful pots of flowers made using tissue paper such as these crocuses. It's fair to say I wouldn't have the patience to make even one of these!

Purple Crocuses Blank Notecards by pinkbathtub

These notecards are simple but very pretty, and just one example of the lovely paper goods that can be found in pinkbathtub. She also does recipe cards and giftpacks, all with lovely illustrations and designs.

Have a lovely week everyone!

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