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Mothers Day!

A quick post because it's late. Here in the UK it's Mothering Sunday today, so I went back to my parents for the weekend.

We won't mention my brother crashing his car on Thursday (he's fine, the car has been written off). Friday was spent having a nice wander around Cambridge, Saturday involved watching DVDs with Youngest Little Sister, and then today Mum got gifts and cards from her four children, myself included.

I also agreed to make dauphinoise potatoes for lunch. However I'm used to cooking for myself, using a gas oven. Today I cooked for three adults (me and my parents, my siblings do not like cream let alone cream with potatoes) and was using an AGA. There was a moment where I thought it was all going to go wrong, but eventually the potatoes cooked fine and tasted very nice indeed!

So Happy Mothers Day to my Mum! Pictures of my brother's written off car may come in the week if he agrees to let me publish them XD


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