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Day in the Kitchen

Today is my only weekend day off since I was working yesterday, and I appear to be spending all of it in the kitchen! I've made fairy cakes to take to work in my packed lunches this week, now I've got bolognese cooking ready to go in to mini lasagnas for my freezer, and then this evening I'll be cooking dauphinoise potatoes for my dinner!

There won't be any photos as the light is pretty bad, outside is very grey and overcast and while my flat is lovely it's not the best place for photography. And since I'm so busy in the kitchen I'm not going to have much time for an excessively long blog post.

But I did have a quick look on Etsy for lasagna stuff and look what I found!

Miniature Italian Lasagne by Minibonbons

This shop is perfect for anyone that wants to add finishing touches to their dollhouse! The mini lasagne is only the start of it, there's sandwiches, doughnuts, biscits, cakes and a tiny "decorating easter eggs" set! There's also cute pieces of jewellery made with these mini sweet treats.

Have a nice day everyone! Now it's off to make cheese sauce!


Your day in the kitchen will make your week go smoothly. Congrats on being so organized!

24 February 2013 at 15:46  

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