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Mothers Day

Today is Mother's Day, and I've been a bit distracted in the past 2 weeks so it only occured to me on Thursday afternoon that Mothering Sunday was traditionally the time when girls that were in service as maids and the like returned to their home villages to see their mothers and so I should do the same, but that point it was a little late to call and say I'd be going back to Hertfordshire on Friday.

So I'm an idiot.

But I at least remembered to get the card posted out on time, which is a rarity for me.

I've mentioned before that my Mum is very talented, what with sewing wall hangings and Doctor Who purses, she's also a very good cook even with two out of her four children being ridiculously fussy eaters.

Therefore a very big Happy Mother's Day to my Mum!

(I know I said this would be a V&A Museum post, but I forgot what today was so the V&A write up will be next weekend).

Have a nice day everyone!


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