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First Match of the Season

Yesterday was the first match of the new football season! You might remember my blog post on the Last Match, which was a sad one for me to write as QPR had been relegated down to the Championship.

However a new season brings new optimism! And that optimism has been well rewarded as QPR beat Sheffield Wednesday 2-1 yesterday! I wasn't at the match, I was at work instead, but I'll be sure to get a run-down of the events from my Dad this afternoon. I can also wear my football shirt with pride tomorrow, once it comes out of the washing machine this afternoon.

My football feelings are well known by my friends, which is why my lovely friend Poppy tagged this with my name on Facebook. It isn't actually me, although I am a Katie, but I can safely say that even I don't own QPR-themed garden gnomes! I do have a QPR teddy though...

Have a nice day everyone!


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