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Back to Normal

Following my post yesterday from Brussels I can safely say I'm back home in Kew!

I decided to leave my suitcase last night as I couldn't face unpacking after having tea and some dinner. This morning I walked into Richmond for food and stopped off at a Cafe Nero for a hot chocolate and shortbread biscuits as a relaxing way to finish off my holiday.

After food I unpacked my suitcase and made a start on the laundry. I decided to skip baking by buying cake instead. I've tidied away my passport and other bits and pieces, and spent most of the afternoon watching anime.

I've also packed up two sales I made on Creative Classics during the week. They'll be posted out tomorrow. One of these, along with a sale I made last week, meant that I sold out of my "Archaeologists do it in trenches" postcards. I've therefore decided it's time to start selling them in several colours, they'll soon be available in red, pink, blue and purple as well as green!

Have a nice evening everyone!


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