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Don't Quit

There are points when I start to wonder if any of my Etsy shops are right for me, let alone all three. I wonder if I should drop one or two and narrow my focus. Or I start to think that I'm barking up the wrong tree entirely and should choose a "proper" career and focus on that, like becoming curator of the British Museum or training to be a teacher.

But then something will happen, one of my Facebook pages will get a "Like" from someone that isn't a friend I've pestered into it, or I'll get a sale or two, and I'll remember why it is that I'm doing this. This evening was one of those times, I had to work until 7, so after dinner and a shower I finally sat down just after 8pm. I could have loaded up Sims 2 but instead I forced myself to sit down and finish editting the photos and then draft listings for my new Creative History badges.

About halfway through I was re-reading about Adeliza of Louvain and I wondered if I was wasting my time. Views have been down recently, everyone else seems to be having a "Christmas rush" and while I've had a few sales in recent weeks it's no where near as manic as other people have been having. Next year I'd like to start looking at selling wholesale to museums and the like, but then I wonder if there's any point.

But then I remembered the final few lines of a poem I particularly like, so I decided to persevere with the listings, finished reading about dear old Adeliza, thought up a bunch of tags, added the price and then saved the draft. When the page reloaded I noticed something had cropped up in my activity feed. I expected it to be a favourite, but instead it was a sale! Someone decided they were enough of a fan of Richard II to buy his badge.

I spotted the poem on Tumblr early on in the year and reblogged it then. After this evening I've reblogged it again, and I thought I'd post it up here for those of you feeling a bit low about your Etsy shops. I particularly like the last 6 lines.

Don't quit :)

Have a nice evening everyone!


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