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The Tudors

I have recently been re-watching the TV series The Tudors. Admittedly it’s riddled with historical inaccuracies but I love the costume and jewellery design. I had a little search on Etsy using the term “Tudor”, and was stunned at some of the super-talented people that have shops there.

 Shakespeare in Love by RomanticThread

This gown is simply gorgeous. The colour catches the eye but it’s the level of detail, especially the beading around the bodice, which really makes this a gown fit for a Lady of the Tudor court!

 Renaissance Nobleman Hunting Outfit by MattiOnline

Because not everyone can wear a dress! From the wonderfully baggy sleeves to the bright red breeches, this makes a wonderful costume for the historically-inclined gentleman.

Tudor Dress Girdle by RecycledRockstah

We all know that the devil is in the details. This girdle means that the details have suddenly become a lot easier! Pearl cabochons and gold filigree really add to the beautifully opulent feel of this piece, a worthwhile addition to any costume.

Henry VIII Costume Set by midnightbreezedesign

And last but certainly not least, if you’ve ever wanted to dress up like a king then this may be the costume for you! This is a full set; hat, breeches, doublet and, mostly importantly, the coat! The use of faux-fur is what draws the whole thing together for me, making this a very regal costume.

I bet you’re now all looking for renaissances fairs in your area!

Have a good weekend!


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