How to do a reverse advent calendar for less than £20

14 November, 2021

As we get closer to the festive season people start to look more towards doing something for charity. That might involve buying Christmas cards where money raised is donated to a charity, volunteering at a shelter to help cook on Christmas day, or completing a "reverse advent calendar" for a local foodbank.

Yellowsticker bargains for September

21 October, 2021

I spent September doing a walking challenge - 300,000 steps in the month to raise money for Tommy's and the Miscarriage Association.

One of the benefits of all this walking was finding quite a few yellowstick bargains in my local Co-Op and the much closer but smaller One Stop.

How much will maternity leave cost you?

15 August, 2021

A couple of years ago I sat down and worked out how much money I would need to save to cover a period of maternity leave.

The result was...depressing would only just start to describe it. If I hadn't done my calculations then I would have had a hell of a shock and upset further down the line!

Zazzle Shops Update: June 2021

12 July, 2021

In my recent post about my mortgage overpayments I mentioned a few of my side-hustles that I use to earn a few extra pennies to go towards the mortgage.

One of my other side-hustles, although not dedicated to becoming mortgage free (it goes to my Lifetime ISA instead) is Zazzle. This print-on-demand company allows you to upload your original works, set them up to print on various products, and then list them for sale. Zazzle handles the printing and dispatch, so you only get a small amount of the money, but you can bump up your percentage (this does bump up the cost of the product though) to earn a bit more.

Halfway there! Mortgage overpayments for 2021

06 July, 2021

This post contains some referral links. Referral links do not cost you anything if you sign up through them, they simply mean that I get credited with some money back from the companies.

When we bought our first home back in 2016 I knew I wanted to try and overpay the mortgage. Me and my husband had had a good deposit, but it was our first home and it needed plenty of work after years of neglect. The previous owners were landlords and they had done very little to keep the place nice.

This meant that we had a longer mortgage term so that we could have affordable monthly repayments and focus more on doing the place up. We wanted the option of not overpaying in some months if we needed to, rather than having to pay higher monthly payments and being unable to change that.