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Give Blood

I went and gave blood today. It was my 3rd donation. I need to remember to drink more before giving blood, you get to drink when you get there but I was already thirsty by then and I felt a bit light headed during the donation which doesn't normally happen unless I make the mistake of looking the arm they're taking the donation from.

So they now have another pint of A+ blood, and I have a big plaster on my right arm. Only 4% of the UK population donates blood, which is a very small percentage when you think about it properly. Blood isn't just used for emergency surgery, it also goes to people that need scheduled surgery (such as hip replacements), to people undergoing chemotherepy, and to people who have chronic illnesses that mean they need regular transfusions. If you're healthy and haven't had tattoos/piercings/antibiotics in the past few months then have a ponder about becoming a donor yourself! If I'm scared of needles and can do it three times, then so can you! You find out more at

Anyway, propoganda over. In typical fashion I went to have a look at what blood-related things there are on Etsy. Turns out, not that many, but some are pretty cool.

Give Blood Play Rugby by geekthings

Dragon's Blood Soap by thefinchnest

Give Blood Play Hockey by snottub

Sports seem to involve blood O.o

Have a good weekend everyone!


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