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Blood Donation!

Having taken a weekend off blogging I realised it was time to post again! However it's a delayed post as today I went to Ealing to donate blood.

This was my 4th donation, some of you may remember my Give Blood blog post from May last year. I had a bit of a light headed moment after the donation, which resulted in a note being added to my file for next time, but it was just a dizzy spell and I continue to maintain my record of never fainting in my life!

I'm mainly posting this because the blood donation service currently has a campaign underway to receuit 100k new donors in the next 100 days. Current donors often have to stop giving blood due to changes in their health, and at times it can be a struggle to keep up the numbers of new donors up.

If you are healthy and aren't too dodgy with needles (preferably less dodgy than I am) then you should really look in to donating blood. You get free biscuits and a drink afterwards, and you might save someone's life!

You also get an excuse to wear a sticker and wander around with a big plaster on your arm :D


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