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Kew Gardens in Snow

Those of you in the UK will no doubt remember the snow we had a few weeks ago. For those that aren't in the UK, the country had a decent dusting of the white stuff, which lasted a few weeks. I was incredibly excited as I live in London and when I moved here I was told, by numerous people, that it never snowed in the city.

Last year it snowed, my first winter in London had snow and I was very happy. It appears that I've brought the snow with me, second winter and it snowed again! It snowed pretty much all day on Friday, to the point where my work closed early and we were all sent home. By Saturday it had stopped snowing so I took my camera to Kew Gardens and went to see what I could find.

Minka House

The Minka House is one of my favourite spots to visit when I visit the Gardens. It's an old Japanese house that was dismantled, the wooden frame shipped across the world from Japan to London, and then reassembled by Japanese carpenters and the folks that worked on the Globe Theatre in London. It's very pretty, and looks lovely whatever the season, including winter!

Lazy Snowman

King of Winter

There were lots of snowmen around the Gardens, lots of people were out with their children and snowmen were the main task of the day. One group had made one on a bench, and nearby he was being presided over by a snowman crowned with some oak leaves.

Now I just have to keep my fingers crossed for a little bit of February snow, and then I'll be ready for spring!

Have a nice day!


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