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Inspired by my day in the kitchen I decided to have a little browse for kitchenware on Etsy. I currently flatshare, and while my housemates are lovely I think they would be a little bit frustrated if I started filling the flat with tons of bits and pieces for baking and cooking, so I've refrained.

But one day I would like to have my own place, in which case I'll probably end up buying quite a few things from various Etsy shops, not just kitchen things.

Vintage Style Bowl by poppyhousepottery

One of the things I WILL get for my kitchen though will be this gorgeous bowl. The outside pattern of red and white background with polkadots is already pretty, but then the gorgeously detailed decoration and embellishment inside pretty much seals the deal! Just look at it makes me feel that I could use it to cook some seriously delicious things, or mix up some lovely dough for cookies.

Have a lovely day everyone!


Thats really pretty. What would you use it for. I'm such a freak about matching I would need to get a whole set. I really want more baking stuff. My boyfriend doesn't like a lot of stuff in the apt so we are a bit minimalist but I always try to sneak in things from time to time.

26 February 2013 at 18:13  

Until I saw in person how big it was I'm not sure, I like to think I'd use it as a mixing bowl but if it was a bit small then I'd use it for a center piece instead.

26 February 2013 at 20:04  

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