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Croissant In A Can!!

I had to do my food shopping today, to make it a little easier on myself I ended up doing two weeks worth so I don't need to go in to Richmond again next Friday. Although this does now mean that my freezer is a bit on the full side.

As I wandered around the supermarket I spotted canned croissant dough from Jus-Rol on a fridge shelf! I've only had these twice, once when my Mum made them and then the second time back in September when I stayed in Holland with my friend Eva and she made them for me. So as you can imagine I grabbed a can off the shelf and added it to my trolley.

The basic premise is that the can contains the ready-made dough, with lines cut into it to make triangles for you. You just roll out the dough, cut out the triangles, roll them up and pop them in the oven on a baking tray to bake.

To get the dough out you just pull a tab and let the cardboard unwind. They really stuff the dough in properly as just as I got to revealing the dough the whole thing popped, revealing a big round of dough that was twice the size of the can! I made three to eat today and then rolled the other three and put them in the fridge for tomorrow.

They are very tasty, not quite as light and fluffy as proper French ones, but an acceptable substitute. You can also roll a slice of cheese up in them, as Eva did when she made them for me.

If you want something different for breakfast then I highly recommend these.

No pics this time as I was far too hungry for all that malarky.

Have a nice day everyone!


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