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Kew Gardens - Spring

After what felt like an unusually long winter, spring has finally come to England. The daffodils and crocuses were out a few weeks ago but it seems like the leaves have only now returned to the trees. It's even been warm in recent weeks!

Last Sunday I went for a walk around Kew Gardens and managed to get some photos, although it was then difficult to find some that I actually liked XD

This one was taken near the lake in the middle of the garden, as far as I know you can follow the path around the edge of the lake, but it's too short a walk for me so I haven't gone round again.

This little seat tends to get photographed a lot by me, I just like how tucked away it looks, like a little space of peace (not as peaceful as you'd expect though due to the Heathrow flight path).

Hopefully I'll have some nice pictures for a summer in Kew Gardens post!

Have a nice evening!


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