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Vintage Ring

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you've all had a decent start to the week!

Last night I decided to have a look through vintage rings on Etsy. I used to have a pretty vintage ring with a tiny piece of turquoise in the middle and some lovely embellishment around the edge, but I lost it a few years ago, an unfortunate side-effect of moving multiple times during my university years.

I knew I wouldn't find exactly the same ring on Etsy, not unless I was incredibly lucky (or unlucky depending on your point of view). But I did find some very pretty alternatives, including this lovely piece;

Vintage Silver Turkish Ring by sadeFinds

Isn't it pretty? I'm seriously tempted to buy it but the listing says it's a size 7 and I have no idea if that would be too big or too small for my fingers. I also have no idea when I would actually wear it as I don't normally wear rings XD There's more vintage jewellery in this shop, so have a look and see if there's anything that catches your eye.

Have a nice evening everyone!


Thats very pretty! I would try to figure out your ring size before purchasing. It would suck if it's too big or too small.

22 April 2013 at 20:47  

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