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Tower Bridge

Today in 1894 one of my favourite London landmarks opened, Tower Bridge!

When I was a little girl my Mum once persuaded my Dad to drive back from a visit to my grandparents in Dorset via central London so I could see some of the things that I'd only seen on the TV before.

This little detour included Tower Bridge, although I can't remember if we saw it up with a boat going underneath (I was only 4 and my memory is decent but not brilliant).

Tower Bridge at Night by blueskyjunction

So happy birthday to Tower Bridge! One of London's loveliest landmarks.

Have a nice day!

From today through to 6th July is Independant Booksellers Week here in the UK!

Help celebrate this week (and support your local economy) by visiting your local bookshop. I wanted to post a photo of mine here in Kew but my camera is still out of action :(

Flowers Shown To The Children by RummageRomy

So instead have a vintage book from a UK shop on Etsy!

Have a nice day everyone!

11th Doctor Bookmark

I'm currently reading a book on Florence in the Middle Ages, specifically about the time of Savonarola and the Bonfire of the Vanities. I keep losing my place, mainly because it's a bit dense and possibly not the best thing to read during a lunch break, so I commented to a friend that I really do need to get myself some bookmarks.

Number 11 Bookmark by bethydesigns

And look what I stumbled on when browsing Etsy! And 11th Doctor bookmark where his arms go over the page to help him stay in place! Sadly I think his head would soon get very bent in my bag as there's lots of other things in it, but it's still awesome!

Have a nice evening everyone!


Once again I was on Wikipedia (I don't have it set as my homepage, I swear!) when I saw that on this day in 1846, Adolphe Sax patented the saxophone (my head is currently doing Homer Simpson impressions, I keep reading it as "saxomophone").

Saxophone Earrings by twopennylane

Naturally I then had to go and search for saxophones on Etsy and found this awesome earrings. I really wish my sisters could play the saxophone as I would then have an excuse to buy these XD

And now to celebrate I insist that everyone goes and listens to Gerry Rafferty's Baker Street so you can all enjoy the saxophone bit in it!

Have a nice evening everyone :)


One of the most delicious desserts in the world has to be cheesecake. My first meal when I visited New York included baked New York cheesecake for pudding. When I'm feel very low and need to cheer myself up, I buy a slice of cheesecake to eat after dinner.

I actually have quite a bit of it in my fridge as I bought some during my weekend shop on Saturday and then when I saw a friend later the same day they had also bought me some cheesecake, so it looks like I won't need to buy any chocolate this week!

New York Cheesecake Earrings by GiraffesKiss

These earrings look good enough to eat, as does the rest of this Etsy shop! There's sweet and savoury miniatures in this shop, in the form of earrings, bracelets and necklaces. I don't know if I'd wear a cheesecake-themed necklace, but browsing through the photos has certainly made me hungry!

Have a nice evening everyone.

Coronation Souvenir

Here in the UK we've had quite a bit in the news recently about the iminent Royal birth, with Catherine Duchess of Cambridge due to pop in the next few weeks.

However today is also an anniversary of a coronation, that of King George V and his wife Mary of Teck. They were the paternal grandparents of the current Queen, Elizabeth II.

Coronation Souvenir Cup and Saucer by CuriosandCollectables

This vintage shop is from Shropshire in England and features a lot of decorative items, including this vintage cup and saucer created to celebrate the coronation back in 1911.

Have a nice day everyone!

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day! I got some books and card sent home during the week ready for my Mum to give my Dad on my behalf.

I'd post up a picture but all photos of my Dad are a bit out of date, and also have one or both of my sisters in and I think I'd hear about how they don't want to be featured on my blog pretty bloody quickly XD

So Happy Father's Day to my Dad, who over the years has helped me with maths homework, taught me to drive, read over many essays and personal statements for jobs, and raised me to a QPR fan (which means I'm now a pessimistic optimist for life)! xxxxxx

The Magna Carta

Today is the anniversary of the creation of the Magna Carta, a document that was issued by King John (pressured heavily by the Barons) that enshrined certains rights of the people of England in law. The key one, which still exists today, stated that a free person could only be tried and punished by due process, and not at the whim of the ruler of the country.

The Magna Carta was signed at Runnymede in Surrey in the year 1215. It was an attempt to prevent all out civil war in England as the Barons grew to hate King John. However it didn't work, King John refused to abide by it, the First Barons' War broke out later the same year.

John of England Vintage Image by HopeSpringsStudio

The Magna Carta is significant because it was an historical step towards constitutional law. It was an attempt to curb the idea of absolute power in a ruler, and grant the subjects of a King rights which no one could deny. In reality it was reissued with clauses removed by later kings, so to this day there are only three clauses that still exist in English law. Possibly a good thing as someone of them would be very out of date in the modern world (such as the clause dealing specifically with returning Scottish and Welsh hostages).

There are various old copies of the Magna Carta around the world, including one at the British Library and one at The National Archives. In two years it will be the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta, so now's the time to read up on the events surrounding it.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Washi Tape Mark 2

 Happy Friday everyone! I hope you've all got fun plans for the weekend! I'm working Saturday and then relaxing on Sunday.

You might remember my blog post earlier in the week about a recent washi tape purchase. In the end I loved the two that I bought, so I found another shop and bought 3 more with different patterns!

Washi Tape Mini Floral Roll by JoeandFlo

One of the rolls I bought was the one on the far left in the above picture. This shop has a wide range of washi tapes in various colours and patterns, and also has bakers twine in different colours. Everything was posted out really quickly, and I'll definitely be going back for more in the future. If you are planning on a tape purchase then I'd recommend this shop.

Have a nice evening everyone!

Eva's Birthday

Mega happy birthdays to my lovely friend Eva! The lovely Dutch lady who introduced me to the wonderful world of Mario Kart, and who has to put up with me and my carnivore tastes when I visit her vegetarian home!

Mario Kart Poster Print by ohdearmolly

I know that copyright stuff isn't allowed on Etsy but I don't care because this poster is awesome and pretty much sums up Mario Kart and the whole reason to play it, dropping bombs and banana skins on your friends while shrieking at them :-P

Have a nice day everyone!

Washi Tape

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend! Thank you for putting up with Wordless Week, hopefully I can now get back to some proper blog posts :)

This week I made a little Etsy purchase, after being inspired by various people's photos of packaging. So I went and bought some washi tape.

Vintage Style Script Washi Tape by rikyandnina

This shop has a TON of supplies, including stickers, stamps and tags, and most importantly there's a selection of washi tape! Along with the vintage script one shown above (which I bought to go with any vintage book sales I make) there's lots of patterns such as polka dots and stripes, and there's normal ribbon as well! It was posted out really quickly, and thanks to Royal Mail also being nice and quick my little package was with me by Friday.

So if you need some new supplies, check out rikyandnina!

Have a nice evening everyone!

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