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Chelsea Physic Garden

As I mentioned in yesterday's post about Greenwich Park, I visited various bits of London during my week off. On Thursday me and my friend paid a trip to Chelsea Physic Garden.

The garden was founded in the 17th century as a way for apothecary apprentices to learn how to identify medicinal plants. It has various beds with particular themes, and the signs in front of the plants tell you the english and latin names and where the plants are normally found. A lot of them also tell you what ailments they were used to treat, but as my friend pointed out, it would have been interesting to find out if extracts from these plants are still used to treat the same problems in the modern world.

It was very interesting to see the various plants, although my friend kept laughing at the number of flowers I stuck my nose in. There were also a collection of poisonous plants, which were mostly confined to one bed with large red "Poisonous" labels around it.

After the walk around the garden we stopped for tea on the patio, which gave us a lovely view across the garden in the sunshine.

We walked from Sloane Square tube station to the garden, which also took us past the Royal Chelsea Hospital, where the Chelsea Pensioners live. It's a nice area to go for a stroll, the Garden is near the river so if you can also go for a walk along the Thames.

If you're in the Chelsea area then you really should take a look at this small green space.


I wasn't watching either - but not for lack of interest: I have a great tendency to jinx anything British, so if there's something important on - like Andy Murray winning at Wimbledon - YAY!!! or the Lions thrashing the Wallabies - I have strict instructions from my family to STAY AWAY! No problem, as my nails couldn't take either of them!!!

7 July 2013 at 21:46  

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