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Greenwich Park

I've had this week off work and as part of it I've been visiting various bits of London with a friend.

One of those bits was Greenwich Park. It's a place I've wanted to visit for quite a while, although I can honestly tell you that if you think you can walk from "North Greenwich" (where The O2 is) to Greenwich proper, then you will be in for a bit of a surprise XD Still, it was an adventure.

Greenwich itself is very pretty, you can see the Cutty Sark, newly restored after being gutted by fire a few years ago. There's also a pretty impressive church, some very quaint shops and the Royal Naval College buildings.

You can also see the Observatory at the top of the hill in Greenwich Park. The park itself is lovely, with lots of trees and paths you can wander along. My camera is still out of action, but there's lots of photos on Flickr, which is where I found the one above.

Have a nice evening everyone!


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