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2013 in Review

Happy New Year everyone!

I had a quiet New Years Eve, watched Family Guy and ate cheesecake XD

2013 proved to be a good year, I launched Creative History, got more sales for Creative Classics, and started dating a lovely bloke :) Me and the gentlemen visited quite a few places over the year, including Canterbury, bits of London such as the Chelsea Physic Garden and galleries including The National Gallery. I also, before we started dating, visited Wesminster Abbey and the Foundling Museum, both of which were very interesting.

Looking back on it I think I've seen more of London this year than any other year. Now I need to sit down and find some more places for us to go to once the weather clears up!

2013 has also been a good year for my shops, to the point where I thought I'd put it in numbers.

The Bibliophile - A grand total of 3883 views for the year. I really do feel guilty about neglecting this shop. It also had 224 favourites, 50 shop favourites and 174 listing favourites. The most viewed item was a book called "Wild Wales", which went to a good home in November. Overall this shop has held it's own during the year despite my neglect, I need to pay more attention to it during this year.

Creative Classics - This year was a whopping 10910 views!!! So close to 11000, but never mind, that's a target for next year. I had 511 favourites, 79 shop favourites and 432 listing favourites. The most viewed item was one of the postcards, although the most favourited was the Archaeology Geek badge listing. My aim for this year was to average 2 orders a month, which I've reached and gone past, but I've not quite hit an average of 3 orders a month. I also aimed to get have 100 listings in this shop, again a target that I reached! This year I'm aiming to expand on the groundwork I built up this year, and have a day at Camden Market with my badges to see how they sell offline.

Creative History - My newest shop, it's only been open a few months but I thought I'd include it anyway. It's creeped in under the 1k mark with 872 views, but it has had 106 favourites of which 23 were for the shop and 83 were for the listings. The most viewed item was my Team Richard III badge while the most favourited was Team Anne Boleyn. It's already had some sales, which I'm very happy with, so for the new year I need to work on expanding the number of listings and start properly writing down my ideas for development.

In terms of this blog I aimed to do 365 days of blog posts, and failed. For the time being I'm going to keep up my current schedule of updating as and when I have the inspiration, rather than continuously forcing myself to write when I'm really struggling. It just doesn't work.

I'm also currently working on a side project, which I'm keeping under my hat for the moment but should be out in the open in a few months :) This year I want to continue working on my shops, and continue to spend time with my Gentleman Caller.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy 2014!

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