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Bit of a short post today because I'm being very naughty and having a little lazy day today. If I ever get dressed it will be so I can go and buy cheesecake from a shop XD

Despite being lazy though I've just listed a new book, The Travellers Handbook to Paris from 1937!

Along with the usual itineraries one gets in these travel guides it all has thirteen maps and a whole load of adverts for shops and hotels one could visit in 1930's Paris. What makes this book special to me though is it's date; 1937. Two years later the second world war broke out and in 1940 the Germans occupied Paris. How many of the shops and hotels, immortalised in these pages, were still around by the time the war ended?

I've also been included in a Treasury this week! Everything Must Go features my vintage book "The Romance of Modern Electricity", thanks to LinniR for including me!

Have a nice week everyone!

Happy Birthday YLS!

Mini post today, it's a very special day because it's my Youngest Little Sister's birthday!

As an explanation for the way I describe her, I'm the eldest of four children. After me comes my brother, and then two sisters. Since both of them are my little sisters I end up referring to them as Eldest Little Sister (ELS) and Youngest Little Sister (YLS).

YLS is turning one year older today! Doesn't matter how old she gets though, she'll always be the baby of the family.

Trying on hats in Hyde Park

She'll also always be the adorable one (ELS, if you're reading this, you'll always be the fashionable one!) it's just a shame that only 50% of the photos of her come out fine, the other 50% she's blinking or pulling a silly face XD

Happy birthday baby sister! x

The Flying Sock

Just before last Easter I packed up most of my life (about 20% of it stayed in the old stables at my parent's home) and moved to south west London. I rent a small room in a small flat. There's a small kitchen, a small bathroom, no living room because it's used as a storage room instead, and three housemates in two other bedrooms. It's actually quite nice, I have my own space (which I love) but if I need company there's generally always someone in the kitchen I can talk to.

It also means that things can't go missing in the flat. It's too small for you to lose something (although I do occasionally misplace one of my QPR mugs at the back of a cupboard). Sooner or later something will be found. And in my case I'm constantly losing track of my socks. It's rather embarrassing actually, I rarely wear matching socks simply because the other half of a pair will wander off somewhere (generally to the bottom of my laundry basket).

This evening this happened;

Housemate Mon- Biiiiibliophile?
Me- Yeeeeees?

Suddenly it came through my open door, flying through the air with all the grace and aerodynamics of something foot-shaped made of cotton and elastic. It hit the floor like a the lightest potato known to man, and sat there accusingly as if to say "why did you leave me in the storage room? Aren't I good enough for your feet?"

Housemate Mon- Hehehehehe.


It occured to me the other day that despite the title of this blog being "The Bibliophile", and despite me claiming to love books, I haven't actually said that much about books recently.

But that is changing today because I got a great one for Christmas that I really struggled to put down!

Snuff by Terry Pratchett on

Snuff is the 39th Terry Pratchett set in his alternate universe, the Discworld. Commander Sir Samuel "Sam" Vimes of the Ankh Morpork City Watch goes on his first holiday in years, visiting the country estate of his wife Lady Sybil. But all is not right in the countryside, and soon he becomes a one-man policeforce against murder, smugglers, and the persecution of the goblin race.

Ankh Morpork iPhone Sleeve by Flaming Watermelon

I'm a big fan of Terry Pratchett and I really love the City Watch series. I read Unseen Academicals (not a City Watch one but set in Ankh Morpork) and struggled to get in to it. It didn't seem to flow as well as Pratchett's previous work and given his health problems I had to wonder if things were finally taking a toll, would Snuff actually be any good? Well I'm very happy to say that Snuff was brilliant. I took it to work to read during my lunch break and then wished I hadn't done so because it was so difficult to put it down and return to work!

Wee Free Men (and Woman) by LunasCrafts

Yes the Nac Mac Feegle even get a tiny mention, as do Carrot, Angua, Nobby, Fred Colon, and Vetinari of course! If you're a Terry Pratchett fan then you really must read this book. Really. Just go to your nearest bookshop and buy it now, unplug the phone, abandon work, sit down and read it.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2012!

I've come up with my resolutions! Along with taking up tap dancing (which is my big one this year) I'm also resolving to remember to post on here more often XD My Dad also gave me his old Canon Digital Rebel over Christmas so there might even be a few photos actually taken by me!

I hope everyone reading this has a happy and healthy 2012!

Happy New Year!

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