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New Books!

I know the Olympics are on and I know my country, and the city I live in, is the host. But I just can't bring myself to get particularly excited about it. On the plus side this means I won't be repeating my Euro 2012 blogging but with Olympic countries so you're all spared that!

Instead today I'm going to dedicate a bit of time to my own Etsy shop. I'm getting some more books listed on The Bibliophile, including these two beauties last week!

This is one of my new favourites simply because of the gorgeous gilt illumination on the front. It's a collection of French poems translated into English and was published in 1893. Frankly I don't think we do book covers properly anymore.

This one is less pretty on the front, but still quite lovely inside. It's a music tuition book written by the composer WS Rockstro. It once belonged to an RAF Bandmaster, if the inside dedication is to be believed, and clearly has a bit of a proud history behind it.

Keep an eye on The Bibliophile to see what else I've got!

Have a good weekend everyone!


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