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Hotel Chocolat

For once, not a post reviewing an Etsy purchase, but a normal shop purchase! I'm a member of a cashback site called Quidco, which gives you a few pennies back when you go through them to get to various websites. They also often feature codes for money off or free postage, and since I haven't been able to get to Kingston recently I decided to use a free post code from them for Hotel Chocolat.

The chocolate is expensive, but seriously delicious. Since I had free postage I decieded to take advantage and try some different chocolates, as well as my usual, especially since I'm sure I hadn't seen them in my usual shop.

Billionaire Shortbread from Hotel Chocolat

These were one of the ones I decided to try, yummy biscuit on top and caramel praline inside, and ribbons of caramel chocolate mixed in with the milk chocolate shell. I'm not a big fan of caramel, but these were quite nice, the chocolate shell was nice and thick, and I liked the biscuit on top.

Praline Melt by Hotel Chocolat

These are my favourites! If you like praline, or even just hazelnuts, then you really need to try these! They've got bits of crunchy chocolate in, as well as finely ground hazelnuts, and you can never have just one!

I should also say that I had a small delivery issue (couriers can be a pain in the neck), but one email and Hotel Chocolat's customer service team had it all sorted out for me!

Have a nice evening everyone!


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