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Find The Eggs

Those of you in the UK might want to check out this nifty little game;

Tesco: Find The Eggs

Basically you click on the link above, type in a location that you want to start at, and then zoom around on Google Streetview until an egg pops up on the screen, click it and it'll be added to your tally. If you get three eggs then you get a prize! Once you've put in your name and email address to get your prize you then select a spot on the map to drop some eggs for someone else to find.

The prize is pretty simple, it's just a chocolate Malteser bunny, but it's still a fun little game to play and free chocolate is always worthwhile.

You can only play it once though, so don't play repeatedly to get more chocolate as it's against the T&C's, and also mean for other people that might want to play.

Have a nice evening hunting chocolate!


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