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This week has been very busy at work, every evening I've come home with aching feet and an empty stomach.

Typically the first thing I'm putting in my stomach while my dinner is cooking, is a little bit of chocolate. I've been very good about carefully rationing my Easter eggs this year, but I still bought a new Malteser Teaser bar to try (it was incredibly yummy, if you see these in the shops then buy one to try yourselves!) so I've nibbled on a piece of that once food is in the oven.

So of course I've browsed on Etsy to see what chocolate can be found on there.

Salted Caramel Lollipops by ZukrBoutique

These lollipops look soooo tasty. I think I'd end up eating too many in one go and spend the rest of the day feeling sick. They've also got flavoured marshmellow, strawberry champagne lollipops and biscuits with pictures that make your mouth water. Best not to browse if you're already hungry.

Have a nice evening everyone!


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