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Marlowe & Seymour

Once again browsing Wikipedia for things to blog about, and it appears that today is the anniversary for two important (or possibly just interesting) events.

Vintage Christopher Marlowe Book by FlossysTreasures

On this day in 1593, the writer Christopher Marlowe was stabbed to death by Ingram Frizer. There has been a lot of controversy about his death, as he had recently been brought to court after a warrant for his arrest was issued. The actual charge isn't known for certain, but is believed to be heresy. He had been told to report to the court every day until they could speak to him, but he was never formally tried or questioned (as far as records show) before his murder. An inquest was held at the time, and ruled that he had Ingram Frizer was innocent on grounds of self defense, he and Marlowe had been arguing and witnesses said that Marlowe had dealt the first blow.

But there is some controversy around this as Ingram and his two companions were connected to England's network of spies and informers, there is even some belief that Marlowe himself was part of this network. What actually happened will never be known, but you can visit the plaque set up in St Nicholas churchyard in Deptford, he was buried in an unmarked grave so the proper site is unknown.

Tudor Doll Queen Jane Seymour by MrsTiggywinkleDolls

Today is also the day that King Henry VIII married his third wife, Jane Seymour, in 1536. Jane had been a lady in waiting to both Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, Henry's previous wives. Anne herself had been executed a mere 11 days before. Jane went on to give Henry the son he desperately wanted, but died 9 days later.

Have a nice evening everyone!


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